Frank's RedHot Sriracha Squeeze Sauce

Kick Flavor Up a Notch with Frank’s RedHot Dip’n & Squeeze Sauces

Frank's RedHot Dipn and Squeezes

Whether you’re already a Frank’s RedHot lover, or you just have a constant craving for adding heat to everything you eat, there are endless ways to Frank It Up! From dippin’ and dunkin’ to squeezin’ and drizzlin’, the all-new Frank’s RedHot Dip’n and Squeeze Sauces deliver a convenient kick of flavor and heat that’s creamier and squeezier than the OG Frank’s RedHot – to all your favorite foods and recipe. Grab all the finger foods you love most and get ready. It's about to get real saucy in here.

Frank’s RedHot Dip’n Sauces

Franks RedHot Dips 

Bring the heat with Frank’s RedHot Dip’n Sauces! Extra thick and creamy for major dip-ability, these no-mess sauces will forever change your dipping game. From pizza to nuggets, fries, onion rings, and wings, or even spread onto a sandwich, anything goes when it comes to enjoying the deliciousness of Dip’n Sauces. Simply flip the top (bottle is already inverted!), squeeze, and get to dipping.

    1. Frank's RedHot Buffalo Ranch Dip’n Sauce


Much creamier than regular hot sauce, this creamy dip delivers zippy Ranch flavor with Frank’s RedHot heat exactly where you need it. We love dunking everything – from homemade Chicken Fries on a busy weeknight, to late-night fries, and crudités during the big game – into this mouthwatering flavor combo.

      2. Frank's RedHot Roasted Garlic Dip'n Sauce

Franks RedHot Spicy Onion Rings

Throw a punch of garlic and spicy cayenne heat to nuggets, tots, Spicy Onion Rings, Spicy Potato Wedges, pizza and more, with this thick, creamy, flavor-loaded dipping sauce. The creamier texture makes it great as a garlicky spread for sandwiches, too.

      3. Frank's RedHot Golden Dip'n Sauce


Sweet and tangy with a kick of signature Frank’s RedHot cayenne heat, this extra-thick hot sauce dip makes it easy to treat pizza, sandwiches, and fun finger foods like Easy Mini Corn Dogs to dunkable, dippable, spreadable heat and flavor you crave.

Frank’s Red Hot Squeeze Sauces

Franks RedHot Squeezes

Turn up the heat anytime, anywhere with the easy-to-squeeze flavors of our Squeeze drizzling sauces. Thicker than our OG hot sauces, but just as delicious, the flexible, plastic bottle makes it easy to squeeze exciting flavors like Sriracha, Hot Honey and Creamy Buffalo, over chicken fingers, chili, wings, fries, pizza, eggs, and more to deliver the perfect amount of flavor and heat.

      1. Frank’s RedHot Squeeze Sriracha Sauce

Franks RedHot Chicken Ramen

Thick and saucy with a smooth drizzle, this convenient condiment blends spicy Frank’s RedHot® Buffalo Sauce flavor with Sriracha for a welcome heat that builds with every bite. Just squeeze the bottle to instantly up the flavor game for Spicy Chicken Ramen, or chicken fingers, chili, wings, fries, pizza, eggs, and more.

      2. Frank’s RedHot Squeeze Hot Honey Sauce


You can't go wrong with the unbeatable combo of Frank’s RedHot and honey. The mildly spicy, smooth drizzle brings sweet heat to everything from pizza and flatbread to fries and desserts like Hot Honey Peaches and Cream Dump Cake and Hot Honey Brownies a la Mode. (Yes, we’re talking Frank’s RedHot on desserts!).

      3. Frank's RedHot Squeeze Creamy Buffalo Sauce


Dial up the heat for everyday meals, game day, tailgates and more with Frank's RedHot Squeeze Creamy Buffalo Sauce! This mouthwatering condiment delivers the signature medium heat of Frank’s RedHot Buffalo and a creamy overall texture with every drizzle. Enjoy it with flatbread, fries, mac and cheese, sandwiches, and this recipe for Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza.

Whether you choose to dip, dunk, spread or drizzle, there’s no wrong way to enjoy the crave-worthy flavors and convenience of Frank’s RedHot Dip’n and Squeeze Sauces. Visit our web page to learn more and discover how to get your hands on a bottle today.