Frank's RedHot Bottle

The Original Buffalo Wings Sauce

Fair warning. We’re not going to be modest here … we’ve heard things like “It’s the ONLY hot sauce I use for my wings with buffalo sauce recipes” and “Buffalo sauce – it’s the holy grail.” And we can’t say we disagree. But what is it that makes our buffalo sauce for wings so special?

1. Buffalo Sauce Ingredients
Buffalo sauce starts just like Frank’s RedHot® Original – aged cayenne red peppers, distilled vinegar, water, salt and garlic powder. But really, it ends there. (So, what’s thedifference between hot sauce and buffalo sauce?) Natural butter flavor and paprika. It seems so simple, but these two ingredients are what really make the leap from hot sauce to crave-worthy, can’t get-enough buffalo-style.

2. Tastes like …
The smooth, buttery hot sauce cousin of Frank’s RedHot® Original that belongs all over your wings. It’s hot. (And we like it that way.)

3. The Story
Why do they call it “buffalo sauce?” Time-travel to 1964. Anchor Bar & Grill in Buffalo, NY. The geniuses in their kitchen combined Frank’s RedHot with butter, sauced up abunch of wings and got after it. Plates were licked clean. And so, it was called “Buffalo Sauce.” The end. (Actually, it was just the beginning.)

Well, we’re convinced Frank’s RedHot® Buffalo Wings Sauce is THE sauce. Are you? Get your hands on a bottle of this buffalo sauce stat and give it a lick/drink/slurp/sip/dip/dunk and discover it’s awesomesauce for yourself.