Frank's RedHot Bottle

Kick it up a notch!

The year is 1918.In Detroit, horse-drawn carriages have fully given way to automobiles, and yet, who really cares. Because over in New Iberia, Louisiana, Adam Estilette & Jacob Frank partner up to create a hot sauce perfectly spiced with a rich blend of cayenne peppers. Bless their spicy hearts.

Fast forward to 1920, where the first ever bottle of Frank’s RedHot is, well, bottled.

FACT: There is only one of those original bottles left in existence.

FACT: We did not hire a fact-checker.

Time-travel to 1964. Anchor Bar & Grill in Buffalo, NY. They decide to invent Buffalo Wings. They decide to use Frank’s to invent Buffalo Wings. Don’t think we really need to say anymore on the subject.

Holy hell it’s 1996. Buffalo Wings are so popular now, Frank’s RedHot creates a pre-made Buffalo Wing sauce because who wants to mix anything by hand anymore, right? It’s 1996. There’s no time for that.

Let’s skip over Y2K, because that just really was not a thing whatsoever. Like, at all.

Boom. 2009. What was a thing? Our tagline. “I put that $#!t on everything” comes out of sweet, ol’ Ethel’s lips and jolts people out of their comfort zones, never to return again.

Cut to Present Day. (This may or may not be accurate given what year you are currently reading this in, but that’s not really our problem.) Frank’s RedHot is the #1 American Hot Sauce brand, which is now sold in 20 countries around the world, and shows no signs of letting up anytime in the near future. (Again, we don’t know what year you’re reading this in, so please do let us know what ends up happening.)

Jacob Frank

1964 Anchor Bar & Grill Buffalo, NY invents buffalo wings with Frank's RedHot